The AEFMS Team

The AEFMS Team

The AEFMS team lives and breathes agriculture. All team members have grown up in, and still have active personal interests in the agricultural sector.

What does this mean?

We implement best management practices, keep abreast of new farming research and technologies with the aim to maximise your asset’s productivity and profitability.

It means we are best placed to understand and improve every facet of your farming operation.

Our diverse range of consultants can be called upon to cover most industries across Australia, including:

  • Grain
  • Cotton
  • Beef
  • Sheep (wool and prime lambs)
  • Dairy
  • Live export
  • Feedlots

Why Australian Ag?

Australia exports more than 60% of our agricultural produce — much of it to Asia, which by 2030 will be home to two-thirds of the world’s middle-class.

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