AEFMS – Your Partner in Productivity and Profitability

  • Agriculture is an underperforming asset class for one reason. Most people don’t understand it! Agricultural EcoSystem and Farm Management Services (AEFMS) does.
  • AEFMS is a new end-to-end management consultancy backed by decades of experience in agricultural operations throughout Australia.

Agricultural EcoSystem and Farm Management Services (AEFMS) is a consulting company which specialises in the end to end management of agricultural entities throughout Australia. The AEFMS team together have extensive knowledge of knowledge of Asset Identification, Farm Management, Farm Improvement, Value Adding of Agricultural Assets, Global Agricultural Markets and Trends and Risk Mitigation.

AEFMS is involved exclusively in the agricultural and primary industry sectors with ensuring our client farming investments are both profitable and most importantly secure with a personal and professional hands on business approach.

To maximise the potential of any farming enterprise requires expert knowledge; not just of farming techniques, but of marketing, risk management and conservation targets. Generational change, adoption of new farming technology, changes to land ownership and management, the carbon farming initiative and the deregulation of markets are all issues that need to be chartered in making any farming venture a success.

The AEFMS team offers a diverse range of services guaranteeing client satisfaction. Management arrangements are customised to our client’s needs and expectations as every farming operation is different and we ensure that those differences are accounted for in each farm business.

Our Services

Head Office

  • Client management
  • Liaison with consultants
  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Human resources
  • Industrial relations


  • Oversee day-to-day operations
  • Instruct farm supervisors

Operational Manager

  • Supervise and take responsibility for the property
  • Undertake direction from consultants
  • Supervise staff and contractors

Farm Staff / Contractors

  • Undertake operations of the property

Why Australian Ag?

Australia exports more than 60% of our agricultural produce — much of it to Asia, which by 2030 will be home to two-thirds of the world’s middle-class.

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